Bat For Lashes: ‘I think it’s good to push myself and let the music take people somewhere in their minds’

  • Fiona Shepherd
  • 8 November 2019

Bat For Lashes: 'I think it's good to push myself and let the music take people somewhere in their minds'

credit: Logan White

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Ahead of her upcoming UK dates, Natasha Khan talks to us about new album Lost Girls and feeling inspired by west coast Steven Spielberg-style films

In the two-and-a-half years that she has been living in Los Angeles, Natasha Khan, aka the imaginative, inventive musical auteur Bat for Lashes, has taught meditation to pre-release prisoners, worked with teenagers at a continuation school to help them towards graduation, enrolled in a screenwriting course at UCLA and driven a heck of a lot – west to the coast for walks, nature trails and camping expeditions, and around the Mexican neighbourhoods where she l哪一款捕鱼游戏可以领支付宝现金ives in east LA.

‘If you try to take on too much LA, it’s sprawling and overwhelming,’ says Khan, as she takes her rescue dog on a morning walk through the grounds of Obama’s alma mater, Occidental College. ‘I’ve been immersing myself in the parts of LA that are suffering from the whole political system but also seem to be the strongest to me in terms of culture and richness.

‘It’s been really nice in my late 30s to have such a huge lifestyle change that shakes things up. People are so up for things. There are actors and dancers and performers everywhere that you can collaborate with and they’re really open to experimentation. It’s been really inspiring creatively.’


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